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International Conference ‘Networks in the Global World: Structural Transformations in Europe, the US and Russia’

June 22–24, 2012

This conference aimed at uniting the efforts of various scientific perspectives of network research and at responding to the challenges conditioned by structural transformations in the US, Russia and Europe, catalysed by the growing importance of networks in the present world. 148 researchers from 18 countries took part in the sessions, panels and discussions.

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International Forum ‘NGOs in Support of the World Heritage’

June 22–24, 2012
St. Petersburg 

In continuation of its interest in the issues of urban development and historical heritage protection in the cities, the CGES St. Petersburg participated in organising the International Forum “NGOs in Support of the World Heritage Properties” together with numerous institutions in St. Petersburg, prior to the 36th annual Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, which also took place in the city on June 24–July 7, 2012.

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International Research Workshop ‘Civil Society and New Solidarities: Research Results and Agenda for Future Studies in Europe and Russia”

June 13, 2012
St. Petersburg, Hall of the Centre for NGO Development

Moderated by Dr. Elena Belokurova of the CGES and Dr.Svetlana Yaroshenko of the Faculty of Sociology at SPbSU, this international research workshop was organised in the context of the CGES research area on “Civil Society in Europe and Russia” and as a follow-up of the CGES Conference on “NGOs and Civil Society in Europe and Russia” held in 2010.

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