Логотип CGES

Cultural production and institutions in the UK and Russia

In the framework of her long-term project Margarita Kuleva, associate professor at the HSE University, St. Petersburg and associate researcher of the CGES, aims at developing new models for better understanding of social inequalities in the art world. During the research trip in 2020, she decided to focus more precisely on two empirical studies. The first study involved archival research in Garage Museum’s Archive, devoted to female artists in post-war unofficial art communities. The second study drew on the ongoing public discussion on ‘Different dimensions of social inequality between cultural workers and institutions’ and involved a a series of in-depth interviews with participants of the discussion. Important topical discussions were also held in regard to the impact of COVID-19 on the translocal art scene, a topic explored in Margarita’s recent article, ‘The privilege of presence’, published by the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.



Kuleva, M. (2020). Sociological Discoveries of ‘Open Systems’. In A. Trubitsyn (Ed.), Open systems. Experiences St. Petersburgof artistic self-organization in Russia. 2000-2020 (pp. 26-32). Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (in Russian).