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New CGES Working paper: ‘Digital Self-Tracking in Healthcare Practices of Russian and European Students’

The paper by Anna Dupak, a graduate of the Master's programme ‘Studies in European Societies’ supported by the Centre for German and European Studies of St. Petersburg University, is based on analysis of empirical data collected by the author for her MA research project ‘Digital self-tracking in healthcare practices of students in Russian and Europe’.
The project explores the experience of students in using digital devices for tracking personal (e.g. biometric) data. The purpose of the study is to examine the role of digital self-tracking in healthcare practices of students from Russia and Europe. Supported by the CGES as a result of our annual Russian-European research papers competition in 2019, Anna visited Germany and conducted a series of in-depth interviews with European students of Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich and Technical University of Munich. Applying this method, she managed to overview different strategies of self-tracking and to identify the language (discourse/terminology/etc.) students tend to use to describe their tracking experience. Find more about the research trip here.
The paper is available here.