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A research trip of Prof. Nikolay Golovin to Germany

December 12, 2020
Konstanz, Germany
Prof. Nikolay Golovin, Department of theory and history of sociology of St. Petersburg University shares his impressions about a research trip supported by the Centre for German and European Studies of SPbU to the Social Science Archive Konstanz (SAK) and the Library of the University of Konstanz in Germany. The trip was conducted within the framework of the study ‘Tönnies-Weber-Kovalevski-Sorokin: Early Contacts of Sociologists of Russia and Germany’ aimed at unveiling the unknown and little-known scientific ties between Russian and German sociologies in the period of their formation.
“The University of Konstanz is located in a picturesque town on the shores of Bodensee. The university’s library overlooks the lake and Switzerland on the other side. The Library and Social and Scientific Archive of the German Sociological Society (the Social Science Archive Konstanz (SAK)) provide the reader with free access to all their funds. As to the research findings, a complete set of German sociological journals from the beginning of the 20th century to 1933-1934 revealed a large-scale picture of Russian-German sociological ties, which can keep historians of sociology busy for decades.”