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A research trip of Alexander Kuteynikov to Bielefeld

January 2020

Bielefeld, Germany

In early 2020, Alexander Kuteynikov, associate professor at the Faculty of Sociology of St Petersburg University conducted a research trip to Bielefeld University in Germany with the support of the Centre for German and European Studies.  

“My trip to Bielefeld had two main goals: to collect materials and research data for a paper on multilateral institutions and to write an application for a joint project devoted to сontribution of the Bielefeld School to the sociological concept of international organizations. Both goals have been achieved. In addition to the main activities, I held meetings and negotiations with Detlef Sack, Andreas Vasilashe, Martin Koch, Alexandra Kaasch, Verena Molitor, and other professors and employees of the Faculty of Sociology. Most of these meetings were a continuation of our academic discussions started in 2017, during my first trip to Bielefeld, which was also supported by the CGES. Also, I managed to visit historical sites around Bielefeld and even take photos at the monument to Arminius.”

The results of Alexander’s research will be published soon. 

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