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A research trip of Irina Zamishchak to Belarus and Lithuania

February 2020

Belarus and Lithuania

In February 2020, a student of Higher School of Economics Irina Zamishchak conducted a research trip supported by the Centre for German and European Studies. The aim of the trip was to collect empirical data for her Master project “Transformation of the ‘University-in-Exile’: Professional Trajectories of the Scholars from the European Humanities University (EHU)”.

“During my research trip, I conducted interviews with academics of Belarussian universities that had to relocate to Lithuania due to the conflict with the country’s authorities. In Vilnius, I interviewed lecturers working at EHU while in Minsk I talked to those who left university at different times. The analysis of their professional biographies and opinions on changes at the university after its move to from Belarus to Lithuania led to interesting outcomes. For example, the image of the university in the interviews appeared as fragmented and contradictive, which can be explained by the university’s existence simultaneously in two countries contexts. 

And of course, the journey to the two countries such as Lithuania and Belarus, which are so close geographically, but so different, is an unforgettable cultural experience ”.

The CGES supported the author’s research trip as an award for becoming a finalist of our annual CGES Russian–European research papers competition held at the CGES of St. Petersburg University in November 2019. Check out her paper in the CGES Working Papers series in late 2020. 

This year, research papers by students in social sciences and humanities are being collected for the Seventh Russian-European research papers competition until October 12, 2020.

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