Логотип ZDES

Seminar ‘(NO) Future Institutions’

December 15–17, 2020

Istanbul, Turkey

The Seminar focused on the modern challenges facing cultural institutions, their curators, and associated workers was introduced and chaired by Margarita Kuleva, CGES associate researcher inspired by the rapid changes surrounding the future survival of cultural institutions in the pandemic age.

This Seminar addressed issues such as ‘Workflow Change’ and discussed the consequences of the attempted mass-digitalisation in galleries and exhibitions and how this may affect future production and consumption patterns within creative industries. This was complimented by a lecture by Lev Manovich, who discussed our ability to predict future cultural trends using statistical analyses and machine learning.
Other topics discussed at the Seminar included the ‘Pandemonium’ of the Digital Past and Future’ by Benjamin Binstock, ‘Queer Spaces in Art Archives’ by Valerij Ledenev, ‘Relevance of Radical Pedagogy of Early Soviet Art Museums’ by Angelina Lucento, and ‘Institutions in the Age of ‘Platformisation’ by Panos Kompatsiaris.