Логотип ZDES

Seminar ‘(NO) Future Institutions’

December 15–17, 2020

Istanbul, Turkey

The Seminar focused on the modern challenges facing cultural institutions, their curators, and associated workers was introduced and chaired by Margarita Kuleva, CGES associate researcher inspired by the rapid changes surrounding the future survival of cultural institutions in the pandemic age.


Seminar 'Data and Methods to Analyse Interaction between Professional and Local Knowledge on Ecological Hazards’

December 15-16, 2020

CGES, St Petersburg University

The two-day seminar was organised by Kseniia Puzyreva and Nikita Basov, CGES St Petersburg University within the framework of the CGES anchor project ‘Knowledge Creation on Ecological Hazards in Russian and European Local Communities’ supported by the Russian Science Foundation. The aim of the Seminar was to share the results of the project-affiliated research teams.


Fall Meetings 2020

November 20–22, 2020

St. Petersburg

The Fall Meetings 2020 was the fourth annual public event dedicated to current European challenges. The goal of the event in 2020 was to engage the broader public in reflection on current urban trends and activities, mostly in the European space as well as in Russian cities.