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Public Discussion with Dr. Thomas Becker ‘Responses of social NGOs to the current challenges in Germany and Russia’

November 26, 2015

St. Petersburg

This public discussion with the invited German guest Dr. Thomas Becker, Head of Department in the German Caritas (Freiburg), who is responsible for advocacy on social policy issues, was organized to reflect on the most recent challenges for the NGOs in Germany and Russia.

The idea of the discussion consisted in comparison of German and Russian situations in order to find solutions and to come up with new ideas for the development of Russian NGOs.
The discussion consisted of two parts. First, the guest speaker Dr. Becker talked about his experience in working with the NGOs in Germany. In his presentation, he explained the role NGOs play in the German model of social policy, as well as the main principles of the NGOs functioning, funding and networking. In the second part, the Russian experts among NGOs representatives and researchers expressed their opinion about the relevance of comparison of the NGOs role in German and Russian social policy.
In general, the event was very successful. About 40 people participated in the discussion, among them, NGOs representatives, researchers, students, different kinds of experts. They expressed their interest and satisfaction with the discussion as well as the wish to continue organizing such discussions.