Логотип ZDES

Joint German-Russian Seminar ‘Summer European Academy 2015. How to Move on? Challenges Facing the European Union and Its Relation with Russia’

 July 22 – August 1, 2015

Otzenhausen, Germany

The German-Russian Summer School for BA students was organized in 2015 for the fifth time.

14 applicants from the faculties of Saint Petersburg State University were selected to participate in the seminar. 16 German students from different disciplines came from three partner universities in Germany: Bielefeld University, Würzburg University and University of Koblenz-Landau.
The goal of the Summer School was to give the participants a better understanding of the EU and EU-Russia relations in an international environment, and to foster mutual learning from each other. In the framework of the seminar, such topics as the EU political system, financial crisis, nationalist movements, media, foreign policy and international relations were discussed during the lectures and interactive workshops. Besides, the excursions to the Council of Europe, European Stability Mechanism, as well as city tours in Strasbourg and Luxemburg were organized.
The feedback from the participants was very positive and showed that such activities for undergraduates are useful to provide them with knowledge about Germany- and Europe-related issues.