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Workshop on research advances in social and semantic networks ‘Network Theory and Methods: Combining Structure, Content and Meanings?’

August 31 - September 1, 2015

Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This two-day workshop provided a forum to share cutting-edge research advancing social and semantic network theories and methods, in particular by combining social structures, semantic co-word networks and meanings in/of networks. The keynotes of the workshop were Prof. Steve Borgatti (University of Kentucky, Gatton College of Business and Economics) and Prof. John Mohr (UC Santa Barbara).

In total, 35 researchers from all over the world took part in the workshop. The participants presented their research focused on the questions how, when, and under what conditions As an institution focused on research, education and networking, the CGES puts particular emphasis on publication activities in the area of German and European Studies. Research publications often result from CGES research activities. Aiming at academic quality and scientific dialogue, papers presented at conferences and lectures, as well as Master‘s theses, are also published.

Much attention is paid to the publication of the CGES Working Papers Series (ISSN 1860-5680), presenting work in progress of CGES-related scholars to the international scientific public. The working papers are available online. From 2009 to 2015, 55 CGES working papers were published.

relations, content and meaning structures can be connected through social and semantic network research. There was also discussion about the approaches which are suitable to strengthen the understanding of the connections between relations and meaning. Concluding discussion pinpointed the key issues in the development of joint analysis of social and semantic networks, outlining the directions for further research in the field.
As a result of the workshop, two special issues on the topic in major journals were planned.