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Sixth Essay Competition for the Cogita.ru Website: “Volunteering and Engagement in Europe and Russia”

Organising students’ competitions on topics related to the main research activities of the CGES proved to be an effective instrument for attracting the interest of scholars to the CGES, its programmes and activities. Cooperating with the internet information platform Cogita.ru – in particular with an essay competition on European topics relevant to the Russian public sector in 2009-2012 proved to be interesting in terms of attracting a broad public, and was continued in 2013.


German-Russian Summer School “Encounter Europe and Russia: An Introduction to the Cultural, Political and Security Issues Shaping the EU and Its Relations to Russia”

July 21- 31, 2013

Otzenhausen (Germany)

Organisation and financing Partners: CGES, ASKO Foundation, European Academy Otzenhausen, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Moderators: Dr. Elena Belokurova (CGES), Dr. Elisabeth Schmidt (Euroepan Academy Otzenhausen)

Participants: BA students from Germany and Russia (St. Petersburg State University)


Scientific Environment and Public Lectures 2013

February – December 2013

Faculty of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University


Within the framework of open interdisciplinary research seminars for junior scholars „Scientific Environment“ students, PhD students and junior social scientists from Russia and Europe who are in the beginning of their careers extensively present their theoretical and empirical projects devoted to topical scientific problems. Their presentations are followed by an intensive moderated discussion. A particular emphasis is put on the presentations shedding light on innovative theoretical approaches, as well as on original research of European and Russian empirical material carried out by junior scholars.