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A research trip of Irina Zamishchak to Belarus and Lithuania

February 2020

Belarus and Lithuania

In February 2020, a student of Higher School of Economics Irina Zamishchak conducted a research trip supported by the Centre for German and European Studies. The aim of the trip was to collect empirical data for her Master project “Transformation of the ‘University-in-Exile’: Professional Trajectories of the Scholars from the European Humanities University (EHU)”.


The Seventh Russian-European research papers competition: Deadline approaching

Research papers by students in social sciences and humanities are being collected for the Seventh Russian-European research papers competition until October 12, 2020.

Winners will receive financial support to take a research trip to Europe (for Russian students) or to Russia (for European students) in early 2021 to collect empirical data and to develop the research. Elaborated papers presenting the results of the empirical studies will be published in the CGES Working Papers series (ISSN 1860-5680).


CGES Annual Report 2019

Dear Friends,

The mission of the Centre for German and European Studies consists in bridging Russian, German, and European scholars in order to disseminate the highest standards and the best practices of academic work, to promote high-quality education, and to facilitate comparative interdisciplinary research.


Networks in the Global World 2020

July 7-9, 2020

St Petersburg, Russia 

Last week, on July 7-9, took place the Fifth International Conference ‘Networks in the Global World’ subtitled ‘Structures in Contexts. Understanding Relations in European Societies and beyond’.